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What makes us tick?
"House sitting Solutions - The complete peace of mind solutions"

From the day I was born I was blessed to be surrounded by pets. In 2007 a friend was going to kennel his dog for two weeks while he went overseas. My heart went out to the dog when I considered that two weeks must seem like forever to any animal caged in unfamiliar surroundings. There is no doubt in my mind that a loved pet, accustomed to cuddles and a gentle hand, could become stressed under such circumstances.

As a result I started House Sitting Solutions with the primary goal of keeping loved pets comfortable and secure, in their own homes, whilst their human(s) are away This does not preclude House Sitting Solutions looking after pet-free homes, but we particularly enjoy housesitting homes with pets where we can give them love and companionship for the duration of their human’s absence.

I am hard-working, trustworthy and conscientious with an affinity to animals of any kind.  My hand-picked and screened team is comprised of like-minded people who will bond with your animals while you are away.  So, whether you use me or one of my team members to house sit for you, your pets and your home will be in excellent hands.  That I guarantee.

If you are pining for your pets, we will even arrange a Skype Video chat so that you can interact with them if you so wish. Rest assured that your pets’ routines will remain unchanged during your absence and they will get lots of TLC.

In addition, your home will be in good hands and less likely to be targeted by criminal elements if there is a daily human presence on the property. There is no better alternative to House Sitting Solutions. Our clients’ testimonials attest to that.